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Accuiring knowledge is not easy, one has to find the right tutor and skill based experienced person to teach.  Courses are tailor made with blended learning of Theory and Practical Skills. It Builds good spirit and Confidence in the workplace!.

Our Institute is Accredted by the STED Council                              STED Council  -  SSCC-Sted Skill Certification Council

IIOOSS has been in teaching of shipping subjects since year 2000, we have over 100 plus students who has taken skill based education and all are well pllaced in different parts of the world.  We have been working closely with several government agencies to get our shipping courses duly accredited by proper authorities by which students can benefit by the certificate being validated by many organisations and countries

We are pleased to advise you that we have been authorised by the STED Council as one of the "Authorised Training Centre" .  STED council is a NGO with various organization has given accreditions, recognitions and approvals and certificate issued by the STED council are internationally and accepted in several Governmental organizations including employment exchange.
SSCC has recognized us as "Authorised Testing Centre"

A Few Words
About the Institute

We are well recognised in Shipping circle for offerig comprehensive range of Courses and bringing total new insight and Empowering People..  We are established during the year 2000 by a team of Shipping professionals with over four decades of experiences in various trading & shippings fields.  We conduct one to one and also Online, distance learning  to the students away from Chennai in any part of the world using the most sophisticated classroom platform from Microsoft and Google, using internet as a communication carrier.  Many companies have recruited students from our Institute and they also send their employees for training with us before they can start working with them, at times to enhance knowledge base also.

Take your first step!

Introductory Lesson

We will cover the basic shipping and its various other related organisation and services provided.  This is the first step students have to take.

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Therotical Lessons

One has to have strong foundation after learning the basic skills.  In this we teach the theory portion of shipping, so that they are thorough with their subjects.

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Practical Lesson

Practical skill learning completes the final stage of shipping learning. Here students are given how to fusion the theory and practical skills and enhance further their knowledge.

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Basic Shipping Lesson

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Logistics & SCM Lesson

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Advanced Chartering Practice Lessons

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Port & Terminal Management Course

By Team B

Our Performances

Past few years we have been performing with quality of high standards and that have resulted in the 










Our Signature course is Advanced Chartering Practice.  Our speciality with the tutor having over four decades of experience with world wide knowledge and having thousands of fixtures behind.  He has agreed to train the students with his experience he will be sharing and make students to come to level of International standards.  

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Shipping Courses offered by our Institute

Marine Law


Logistics & SCM




Advanced Charterig Practice


Timeline - Progress

1 january 1991                        

Ship Management - Commercial Management


Had the experience of Commercial Ship Management of various Dry Cargo vessels in the region of 5000 DWT to Panamax size.  We had handled several cargoes like, Grains, Cement, Cement Clinkers, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Coal, Tapioca Powder, Steel Bars, Coils an sheets, Aggregates, Sulphur, Fertilizers and Heavy Lifts, Live Stock Carriers etc.  We had the experience of carrying cargoes on high seas cross Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  

2 february 1992

ICD Operations


ICD operation in India started in late 70's and we were one of the people to stand by and growth of the operation, we handled over seven shipping lines and gave many containers to boost its operation.  Our Shipper had lot of advantage, the place was small for operations, but now it has grown more than any normal port and connecting many gateways with railways connectivity and making Intermodel transportion a success!.

3 march 2006

Port Management - Ship AGency


Port Operation function is very important, where the actual and final part of the trading contract takes place.  Ships are brought along side for loading or discharging operations.  Port offers its services from anchorage until the berthing operation their by providing pilot boats to pilots to reach to navigate via channel to alloted berths. Ports offer dredging operation to give deeper drafts, floating buyos for navigation, berthing with transit covered sheds for cargoes, handling equipments, labour supply, water, bunker, customs, immigrations facilities, repair shops, layby berths for repairs etc  It is very vast services one has to learn from how port operates and who are the people involve etc.

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