Our distance learning using Mobile Apps and Tabs .  We have also developed the Online Learning Management System (LMS) by which students can enroll and learn on phased manner with audio, text, video, assignments, quizzes etc.  Tutor will be supporting from time to time in cearing the doubts the students may have and clear doubt then and there.  We can also arrange meeting with Video conferencing with Tutor during different stages of completion of lessons.

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Various Shipping courses offered

Basic Shipping Course

Duration : 3 / 4 months
We will be teaching all aspects of shipping and its related industries as to how it operates and the parties part of this entire transactions. This will help in knowing how the industry works and who are the stake holders.
Mdsost of the cargoes are moved either by ISO Containers or Bulk Carriers. Sophisticated  car, livestock carriers offer their services too.

Rs. 50000=00

Logistics & Freight Forwarding

Duration : 3 months
Presently many of the products are home delivered, if Logistics & warehousing were not available for the Industry.  Stock and Sell concept has already died, now industry offer on time delivery, so the entire concept of trading has changed and without the help of the Logistics industried these could not have been achieved.  Big stores offer goods over the internet and delivered on the same day

Rs 50,000=00

Advanced Chartering Practice

Duration: 3 months
This is our flagship course, we teach how a dry cargo ship is contracted for carrying cargo with signing of charter party.  The process starts from circulating, Collectng, matching, negotiating, concluding fixture, charter party negotiations, lifting og subjects and finally clean fixture, post fixture operatios includes agency,, bunker, Quantity surveyors, weather services nominations have to be made. 

Rs. 50,000=00

Various Shipping Courses Offered

Port & Terminal Management

Duration 6 months
For any country development depends on the imports and exxports.  as 90% of cargoes moves by sea in great volume.  Port plays a very importat role in facilitating Shipowners, exporters, mporters by offering their services either on land or in waterways.  One has to learn how the port operates and how constant deveopment is required to mattch with present trends and give competative, challengest to neibhouring ports.  There are many parallel industry can be developed and even even export zones can be established. It is big subject and need to study this i depth

Rs. 75,000=00

Supply Chain Management

Duration: 3 months
SCM covers the full cycle of procurement of rawmaterials, transporting them, supply from port to factory yard, storing, warehousing, production, distribution various channels using multimodel transport.  It is very important to ensure cost effective, efficient transportation, stocking required materials to keep supplying or feeding the factory, not to over stock as it invoves blocking of funds Using peoper logistic to control and distribute finished products, similarly for return cargoes. We cover entire above in a systematic manner for easy understanding

Rs. 60,000=00

Steamer/Liner Agents

Steamer Agents or Liner Agents, who jobs is to assist the shipowners to bring the ships for loading or discharge operations.  They are conduite between Shipowners  and Port authorities.  Agents ensure keep port fully informed about its itinerary and while ships in port orgaisise for berthing, immigration, customs and give notices to the required parties.  The need to supply Labout, fresh water, equipments, etc and ensure the ships is assisted during her stay in the port and prepare required documents and get signed by all the parties concerned parties and do the final settlement with Owners.

Rs. 50,000=00

It does not end here 
there are many more courses offered

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