STED Council

STED,  we Scientific & Technical Education Development Council (STED COUNCIL) is an Autonomous Body and a National Level Organisation registered under Govt of Kerala and Indian NGO under National Capital Territory (Govt. of N.C.T) New Delhi, Government of India. Our organization is appropriately registered and approved from the relevant state and central government bodies who have been awarded the prestigious, according to ISO 9001:2008 standard which certifies by QCert. international certification body Czech Republic, Europe which provide acceptance of worldwide and has been awarded an international graded quality assurance certification by the very renowned international body DAC-Dubai accreditation centre (recognized in Middle East) & under accredited unit JAS-ANZ (Govt. appointed joint accreditation system of New Zealand & Australia)

Authorised Training Centre

We are pleased to advise you that we have been Authorised by the STED Council as one of the "Authorisd Training Centre".  STED Council is a NGO with various organisation has given Accrediations, recognition and approvals and certificate  issued by the STED Council are internationally and accepted in several Governmental Organisations including employment exchange.

Certificates issued by the STED Council are well accepted in Gulf and International Market and can be attested by Embassy, Ministry of External Affairs etc. which is mandatory for getting job in the gulf countries.  Anybody can go to website ad verify the genuinity of the certificate.

We have thre, six and one year courses on shipping (shore based) with different areas of shipping.  One can take the advance level or basic skills etc. We intend to start the two years Ship Management course within next few month.

Course Prospectus and Registration form can be obtained from our office on payment of required fees.

STED Skill Certification Council

About SSCC: Based on the recommendations of Skill India Programme STED COUNCIL, an Autonomous Body & a National Development Authority which promotes SSCC-Sted Skill Certification Council. We are not depend on any government body, any government bondation with our programmes. STED COUNCIL-SSCC is a govt. authorized self-governing organisation.

SSCC-Sted Skill Certification Council is a division of STED COUNCIL registered under State Government. The Council has been established in January 2019 with an aim to empower youth to take part in the economic and all round growth of India.

We aim to offer comprehensive assessment facilities for a variety of courses which lends a supportive hand to the young aspiring individuals and help them secure a bright and prosperous living.

Skill India Programme

Skill India programme will be implemented through STC (Skill Testing Centre). STC’s are reputed Trade/Skill Test Centre which provide Trade/Skill Tests and Training programmes (through ATC) by well qualified and experienced professionals/ examiners/assessors for various categories of workers expecting to join foreign and domestic organizations for purpose of employment with certificate of competency (Skill Certificates) issued with Skill Cards to suit their experience.

STC provides a platform for aspiring technicians to find out the required skills.

Skill Certificate: A certification is a credential that you earn to show that you have specific skills or knowledge. They are usually tied to an occupation, technology or industry. Certifications are usually offered by a professional organization or an educational institution that specializes in a particular field or technology.

Skill Card: An employer will know what kind of skill course a person has undergone and what type of certification he or she has been awarded.

Skill Test: STC panel of experts must include highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians from different fields. These people put the job seekers for testing in a very professional manner and evaluate their performance as per the requirements. After evaluating their skill & ability to perform their duties in a highly competitive and professional environment, if they qualify, we issue them a skill certificate and a skill card.

A skill test is a test used to assess proficiency and skill level of an individual. It is an assessment of an individual and whether or not this person has achieved certain levels of knowledge within the context of a specific trade/skill.

Skilled Worker:   A skilled worker is any worker who has special skill, training, experience, know ledge and ability in their work.

Around more than 1400 skill/trade sectors are listed under SSCC. Any new skill can be recommended by STC and can get approval from SSCC Approval & Research Panel.

Innovation and Discovery

IIOOSS are always in the forefront on education for the benefit of the students coming from the weeker section to strengthen and give them moral boost for facing the challenges that they may come accross.  Our Prime Minster also giving support to promote Skill based education.

Authorised Testing Centre

STED Council has kindily consented to appoint IIOOSS as "Authorised Testing Centre" 
We are located in Mandaveli, center to Adayar and Mylapore and well connected using train, bus and other transport means.  Mandaveli bus stand is closer by and walking distance to our Institute.  W have trained professional to conduct the test andapprove for final decision to be made by the SSCC.  Visit our Institute to obtain the application and submit with necessary supporting documents.

Accredition from majors

STED Council has major accredition from Govt. and Semi govt. organisations and several Certifying organisations and are well accepted in the international and local market and recognised by the Employment Exchange.